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Lasik Testimonials

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Dear Dr. Seidenberg,

As I have told you on many occasions, I found my LASIK experience with you and your team to be first rate. My vision is terrific, and it has made a real difference in my life. The process itself, from the initial consultaion into the surgery and through the follow-up, was painless and pleasant. I cannot provide any meaningful input as to how my experience could have been better; I think you have found in your practice a wonderful combination of professional sophistication and patient sensitivity.

On a more personal level, I want to thank you and your staff for all the assistance and support. Whether it was the friendly greeting I received each time I visited, or the convenient post-procedure check-ups you performed around my schedule, I appreciate all your efforts and delight in the extraordinary results.

All the best for continued success and future happiness.

Ramsey, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,

It has been one month since my LASIK surgery. I had me one-month check-up and you were right. I want my own doctor to check my eyes, not a secondary service provider or technician. I want the person who was there to look at the progress and tell me what is going on. I like you as a doctor, as well as a person, because you are honest and forthright.

I put my old glasses on last week, just to see the difference. I just could not believe it. It was amazing! I could not see anything through it. That’s when I said to myself, ” Thank you Dr. Seidenberg. This is a true miracle.”

I will never forget what all of you have done for me.

Truly Yours,

Waldwick, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg and Staff,

I am writing this letter to say “thank you for your professional care”. As you know, I had LASIK surgery and I have experienced unimaginable things, which I want to share with you.

After the surgery, you told me to take a nap when I got home. When I woke up, I looked through the eye shields and was able to see the alarm clock for the first time without glasses. That was a big event!

Then, when I saw my daughter, it was like seeing her for the first time. I was crying with joy!

I had an appointment with you 24 hours later to check my eyes. After I read the vision chart, I was filled with emotion; I gave you a big bear hug. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Amazingly, my vision improved so much that I could drive without glasses!

You never told me what my eyesight was prior to the surgery, but I could not recognize a 200-foot statue on a football field. I could not see my children’s smiles if their were right next to me. Now I can see their faces. I can finish my Christmas shopping and actually see their joy. Christmas will never be the same. I use to take my glasses off for pictures. NO MORE!

I went to work after surgery. I did not tell anyone that I was going to have the LASIK surgery. At first they looked at me, but did not say anything. Then they told me, I looked different. They asked me if I got a haircut? Was I wearing make-up? Several people mentioned that I look younger and happier. But no one could figure out why.

Things became routine after that. One rainy night my son called while I was still sleeping, he had a flat tire and needed assistance. I guess because I was still sleepy, I grabbed for my eyeglasses and it suddenly hit me, “Judy, you don’t need your eyeglasses anymore.” Another surprise was when I went to help him in the rain, no wet or foggy eyeglasses!

I can’t wait to hit the beach and dive into the water without my eyeglasses!

With love and thanks,


Dear Dr. Seidenberg,

I wanted my 50th birthday to represent a new beginning for me, so I placed my trust in you and underwent LASIK. Right from the start I experienced 20/20 vision and freedom from 38 years of near sightedness. I am now a white water rafter that has paddled down the Colorado and Zambezi Rivers without worrying about eyeglasses or contact lenses. My new vision has opened my eyes to many new vistas.

Thank you Dr. Keith for your professionalism and winning smile. I can’t wait to “see” where I will travel next!!


Ridgewood, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,

I would like to thank you and your staff for your excellent support and guidance regarding my decision for laser surgery. I have worn contact lenses for thirty years and always wished I could see without them. Laser surgery is something I had contemplated, but due to my astigmatism, wasn’t a viable choice till now. Surgery to ones eye’s is a very difficult decision; it’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
I would like to share with you some of my first experiences after my laser treatment. On my journey home from the laser center, I followed your directions and closed my eyes for a short rest. I would take an occasional peek and exclaim to my husband, “I can read that sign”! My husband would smile at me as I would resume my rest, then I would take another peek and ramble on about what else I could see.

I wish I had made a videotape of the morning after my laser treatment. All I did was smile. I was like a child bursting with excitement. I could see the time on the clock in my bedroom. I could look out the window and see the leaves on the trees. I even called my husband during the day to tell him how I could see something new that I wasn’t able to see a few hours ago.

Thank you for my new comfortable eyes that view the world with crystal clear vision.


Midland Park, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,
It has been five months since you performed laser surgery on my eyes, and things are working out wonderfully. This is nothing new because, as you know, I tested 20/20 the very next day. What is interesting is that I still have not quite gotten used to being free of glasses. There are times I will reach to adjust or remove them, and that is a strange feeling.

Everyone seems to say they are thrilled that they can see the clock when they wake up. For me, it is being in situations where I was never able to wear my glasses, like swimming or taking a shower and watching the water twirling down the drain. These are little things, but after a lifetime of never being able to see clearly in these situations, it is really is amazing.

This is a wonderful procedure, and I was completely confident in your performing it. Thanks. It’s like getting a great gift.

Best Regards,

Montvale, NJ

Dear Dr. Keith,

Thank you!!
It has been eight weeks since I had the Laser Vision Correction. I am amazed at my 20/20 vision. After 40 years of glasses/contact lenses and many incidences of painful corneal erosions, I can’t believe how wonderful my eyes are.

Your encouragement and positive attitude alleviated my anxiety I felt prior to the procedure. As a nurse, I am aware of the importance of post-procedure follow-up care. You are the best!!

I know I was very well cared for. Once again, I say thank you to you and your staff.

Montvale, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,
Having LASIK surgery was one of the best things I have had done. I am so pleased with the results and am happy not to rely on contacts anymore. I love to play sports and often would have problems with dust or the sun when playing. Choosing you was absolutely the ideal decision. You are a very caring and extremely competent doctor who made me feel confident that my eyes were in the right hands.


Glen Rock

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,
The LASIK surgery that you recently performed on me at the TLC Center in Elmwood Park has been a fantastic success. My vision is terrific, and I feel great. The procedure was exactly as you described, and I appreciate the care that you showed from the initial screening, through the preparation for the procedure, to the making of the “flap” and the laser procedure, to the post-op care. I also thought the staff a the TLC Center were all extremely professional and courteous.

The benefits of the procedure have been more than I had hoped. No more contacts, no more glasses. Aside from the obvious joys of excellent vision, I chuckle every time I wake up in the middle of the night, look over to the clock, and can see what time it is.

Thanks again for your good work and your thoughtful approach to what was for me, as I am sure it is for every patient, a somewhat frightening event. I am glad that I selected you to do this procedure.


Glen Rock, NJ

Dear Dr. Seidenberg,
I have returned back to California safely and I just wanted to thank you for juggling your schedule to fit me in for LASIK surgery. I chose to have the surgery in NJ because I wanted you to do it. Every morning I wake up and I am thankful and amazed at how well I can see. Thank you for making this possible.



P.S. I’m trying to recruit my brother!